EOSE is a partner is an Erasmus+ sport project aimed at promoting safety, security and service at football matches. The initiative is coordinated by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) with EOSE playing the lead in developing occupational standards.

FSE, with the backing of UEFA, has been promoting a new role in football – Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO). SLOs act as a bridge between clubs and supporters by providing a two-way flow of information. SLOs ensure fans’ voices are heard in the club and aim at creating an enjoyable matchday experience for everyone involved. Most European clubs in the higher divisions now employ SLOs.

Because SLOs are relatively new, the role is not well defined and there are few training opportunities available. FSE has addressed this need by setting up Towards the Professional Development of SLOs (TPDS). EOSE has been supporting the project by starting the process of developing occupational standards for the role by working with a Technical Working Group consisting of nine experienced SLOs from across Europe.

This group has now completed the first phase of its work by creating a functional map for the role and has recommended the development of occupational standards in the following areas:

  1. Creating and sustaining working relationships between supporters, clubs, security and police.
  2. Facilitating effective communication between supporters, clubs, security and police.
  3. Helping to promote a safe, secure and welcoming environment for football events.
  4. Managing and developing oneself in the Supporter Liaison role.

EOSE will continue to work with the Technical Working Group on the full development of the standards. The education partners in the consortium are starting to design appropriate training programmes for existing and new SLOs using the occupational standards as a foundation.

The next meeting of the partners will take place in Gdańsk, Poland in May and will be attended by Geoff Carroll and Wojciech Waśniewski from EOSE.

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