EOSE and the partners in the EU funded FORMS project are delighted to announce the publication of a groundbreaking report produced as the main output of this unique two-year project.

New forms and patterns of employment are being created in response to the growing and changing sport labour market and to address new characteristics and realities of the sector. FORMS provided an opportunity to research and analyse these new forms of employment in sport in Europe.

The publication, titled “Towards Innovative Ways of Thinking About Sport Employment in Europe” focuses on how innovations in sport employment can contribute to the professionalisation of the sport workforce. It includes statistical analysis of the EU sport workforce and desk research in five EU countries. These highlight the recruitment and retention challenges sport organisations face and how current employment laws and traditional contracts are contributing to them.

The report includes case studies of how new forms of employment are emerging in sport, evaluates the advantages and disadvantages which they provide for employers, employees and micro-entrepreneurs and offers recommendations for future research, dissemination and capacity building. It is hoped the report can lead towards a better functioning sport labour market across the European Union which could boost job creation and employment opportunities and increase labour market participation.


Click here to consult or download the FORMS report