Co-funded by the European Commission under the call for proposals “Exchanges and mobility in Sport”, the S2A-Sport Mobility project successfully kicked off in Pristina (Kosovo) in February 2020 and the delivery of the expected work programme has continued during the COVID-19 lockdown with a focus on the development of a targeted European Course on Sport Administration. Two online meetings gathering all partners were organised in May and June 2020 to discuss and validate the content of the Course that will be delivered during the first quarter of 2021.

The project will offer the opportunity to 40 sport administrators from within the EU and from non-EU countries in the Western Balkans to take part in a fit-for-purpose European Course delivered through 3 modules of 1 week in 3 different Western Balkans countries.

The goal is to enhance the skills of sport administrators but also to contribute to the capacity building of their sport organisations and the development of sport in the Western Balkans and the European Union.