Participant and staff testimonials show satisfaction with the S2A learning mobility experience.

Following the completion of the S2A European Course on Sport Administration, the coordinator EOSE gathered some written and video testimonials from participants and members of the course team including Course Director Kirstie Simpson.

The testimonials show clear support for the quality of the learning programme and demonstrate that both the teaching and learning part of the programme and the cultural exchange and chance to meet new people were equally beneficial to participants.

A paper detailing all of the testimonials has been published on the S2A Sport Mobility website. First this contains 10 written testimonials from participants from Wales, Germany, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, England and Finland. The paper also contains a link to 7 video testimonials from participants in Germany, Montenegro, Albania, Wales and England.

There are also written and video testimonials from Course Leader Kirstie Simpson who expresses pleasure that the course clearly developed the participants and helped them grow in their roles in sport.

There is also video testimonials from Kliton Muca from the NOC of Albania, a partner in the S2A Sport Mobility project, who in particular makes the case for the increased capacity building for sport in the Western Balkans which came from the S2A learning programme.

All testimonials and videos can be found in a summary paper