Summer 2022 will see the start of a new Erasmus+ Sport project, coordinated by EOSE in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to support a global approach to competence-based training leading to greater impact of anti-doping organisations in the EU and globally.

The new GLDF4CLEANSPORT project will continue the work of WADA and their partners to develop a Global Learning and Development Framework (GLDF) for the anti-doping workforce.

Activities in the GLDF4CLEANSPORT project will include:

  • Research on the size, features and occupations in the anti-doping workforce;
  • Design of Professional Standards for key anti-doping roles;
  • Competency-based curricula and blended learning modules using the Professional Standards;
  • Online tools for anti-doping practitioners to analyse their training needs and organisations to evaluate the quality of training.

The partners will meet for the first time as the GLDF4CLEANSPORT steering group in an online Icebreaker meeting on 25th of July, before beginning work on the innovative outputs to support the anti-doping global ecosystem over the next three years.

We look forward to sharing updates on this exciting project.