On the 12th of June 2020, EOSE virtually met with senior researchers from the Statistical Office of the European Union, known as Eurostat in order to pursue the relationship developed through the ESSA-Sport project and to continue the work of collating the available statistics for the sport labour market.

This meeting was attended by EOSE Executive Director Aurélien Favre and EOSE Director of Standards Ben Gittus who presented and discussed the main outcomes and findings developed through the ESSA-Sport project.

It was also a great opportunity to plan the collection and analysis of the available Labour Force Survey (LFS) data for the year 2019. Overall, the main ambition is to analyse the size and characteristics of the sport labour market as a whole and to break it down per age, gender, level of education, type of working contract and type of employment.

Support from Eurostat is extremely important to achieve such an ambitious goal and EOSE would like to express its gratitude to Eurostat for the good collaboration.