On the 15 of November, 45 participants from the golf industry from across Europe came together for the final conference of the EDUGOLF project, organised at the Fontana Golf Club in Austria. The event was organised as part of the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG) Learning and Performance Summit which took place over several days.

The event began with EOSE Director of Standards, Ben Gittus, introducing the EDUGOLF project and involving the audience with a series of interactive polls linked to the themes of the EDUGOLF project which aimed to modernise education and training in golf. Ben also presented the key results from the Research Report produced as an output of the project.

Next, Wojciech Waśniewski, CPG Executive Director – Knowledge Development, presented the new Occupational Standards for Professionals in Golf. The standards describe the competences, skills and knowledge needed for effective performance in various job roles in golf. Wojciech also presented the EDUGOLF Education and Training Handbook which aims to support the modernisation of golf education in line with the key aim of growing the game.

Participants took part in group work to test their understanding of the outputs and describe how they could be used by different parts of the golf industry, including employers, training providers and individual coaches or manages.

Look out for the publication of all the EDUGOLF outputs in the New Year!.


Visit the project web page at https://edugolf.eu/ to learn more about the project. You can contact the EDUGOLF project and ask to be kept informed about developments by contacting info@edugolf.eu or subscribe to project updates on the website.


Full list of partners :
European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE); Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG); PGA of Sweden; Polish Golf Union (PGU); French Golf Federation (ffgolf); Real Federacion Espanola de Golf (RFEG); PGA of Belgium; EDGA; University of Applied Sciences for Sport and Management Potsdam (ESAB); National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport (NUPPES).