EOSE is a partner in the Better Sport Through Inclusion (BeST) project which is a European project led by the European Association of Sport Employers EASE).

A survey for employers is being disseminated across the sport sector and EOSE encourages all employers to complete it to support this important project and promote inclusion in sport.

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The project aims to:

  1. Assess the barriers to a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector in terms of gender, age, and disability,
  2. Identify the existing best practices in terms of policy for a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector,
  3. Address the inclusiveness of the sport workforce with policy recommendations in line with the economic reality of the sport sector,
  4. Produce the tools to act concretely for a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector.

In order to identify the employment barriers that people may encounter in the European sport sector, the partners are assessing the current state of employment for Young & Senior people, Women and people with disabilities in the sport sector.

The survey aims to directly consult sport employers in Europe. This survey has been built as a tool to understand the sport employers perspective in terms of employment and inclusion.

By responding to this Survey, you will allow us to move towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce in the sport sector.

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