Background to GLDF4CleanSport

GLDF4CleanSport is an Erasmus+ transnational cooperation project funded by the European Commission in the field of sport and led by EOSE and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The project aims to harmonise the training and enhance the skills and competencies of anti-doping practitioners across Europe and the world, improve the effectiveness of anti-doping organisations, and promote WADA’s vision of ‘a world where all athletes can participate in a doping-free sporting environment’.

To achieve this goal, an ambitious three-year work programme has been built, using EOSE’s innovative 7-Step Model for Lifelong Learning as the platform, and includes the following objectives:

  • Carry out a comprehensive mapping of the size, features and occupations in the anti-doping workforce.
  • Produce a Functional Map for the whole anti-doping industry showing the key roles and required functions of its practitioners.
  • Create Professional Standards for 4 targeted anti-doping roles (Testing Officer / Manager; Compliance Coordinator; Major Event Organiser Officer / Manager; and Government Official / Advisor).
  • Develop competency-based curricula and blended learning modules for each targeted role, with a series of pilot training seminars and training the trainers.
  • Design innovative online tools for anti-doping practitioners to analyse their training needs and for organisations to evaluate the quality of their existing training.

GLDF4CleanSport aims to conclude in September 2025.

Coordinated by EOSE in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the project partnership brings together a unique combination of five National Anti-Doping Organisations (from Austria, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Poland), 2 International Sport Federations (World Athletics and World Rugby) with additional support from the Council of Europe.

    Third Full Partner Meeting, Rotterdam, July 4th – 5th 2023

    Following a successful kick-off event in Vienna (Austria) in October 2022 and an online meeting in April 2023, the partners reconvened in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on July 4th and 5th as guests of the Doping Authority Netherlands for a two-day meeting to review progress in the research phase of the project and plan its next steps.

    Partners worked intensively on exploring the first findings of desk research and interviews and on planning an online global anti-doping workforce survey – due to be launched in the autumn of 2023.

    They then turned to beginning the creation of a full functional map for the whole anti-doping field. This will analyse and display all the key functions needed in the industry, a stage which will lead to the design of Professional Standards and competency-based training.

    The final major item was preparing an input to WADA’s Global Education Conference due to be held in Cannes in February 2024.

    After such intensive efforts, the partners were delighted to join together in a common official dinner on the SS Rotterdam, a former transatlantic liner now converted into an impressive hotel and restaurant complex in the city’s harbour.

    Reflecting on the meeting, Aurélien Favre, EOSE’s Executive Director said:

    “For me, the Rotterdam meeting had three stand-out features. Firstly, we have a clear and realistic plan to achieve our ambitious goals of strengthening anti-doping in sport which is fundamental to fairplay and the health of athletes. Secondly, we are making excellent progress in mapping the anti-doping workforce – something which has never been done before. Thirdly, there is a strong spirit of creative collaboration amongst all the partners which I believe will be the key to the project’s future success.”



    Aurélien Favre – EOSE Executive Director

    Ben Gittus – EOSE Director of Standards

    Geoff Carroll – EOSE Director of Skills Development