V4V Good Practice Case Studies: Bridgeclub BC Melick (Dutch Bridge Association)

Sport / Activity: Bridge  |   Country: Netherlands

Which of the four pillars does the example cover?


Pillar 1 – Volunteer strategy and planning



Pillar 3 – Volunteer management and retention


Pillar 4 – Volunteer development and training

Focus of volunteer intervention: Rewarding and recognising volunteers


The BridgeBond (Dutch Bridge Association) aims to promote the game of bridge by organising and supporting bridge competitions, developing resources to get more people interested in bridge, and supporting member bridge associations. There are approximately 1050 members of the BridgeBond organised across 24 districts, with more than 117,000 members.

The retention and engagement of volunteers is essential for the development and sustainability of the sport. It is common in bridge for parents to teach their children to play creating a real sense of family and community in the sport. Volunteering often becomes a traditional activity which individuals do alongside playing. This initiative targeted all member clubs across the 24 districts and aimed to provide recognition for the contributions of the many volunteers who support the work of the BridgeBond and member associations.

Activities undertaken:

The BridgeBond communicates regularly with volunteers and organises an annual event to thank them for all their support and hard work. Volunteers could be nominated for recognition via an online form on the BridgeBond website. Volunteers were then invited to attend an annual event to celebrate volunteers, with individual volunteers given awards based on their contributions. The event also included activities to encourage volunteers from different member associations to mix and integrate to help create a sense of community. Photographs were taken of the event and of all volunteers who received an award with these being posted on the BridgeBond Facebook page and website alongside message thanking volunteers for their help and support.


The initiative has helped to develop a community of qualified and committed volunteers who help to support the development and delivery of Bridge. It has also helped to create a sense of community amongst the volunteers who feel valued and recognised for the work that they put in.

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