Sports Hub Denmark IdrætsPlatformen Danmark – DENMARK


IdrætsPlatformen Danmark (Sports Hub Denmark) is a not-for-profit association formed to promote skills development, cross-sectoral collaboration and strategic development of the sports and leisure sector in Denmark.

The association was established in 2020 by a group of professionals from various positions in the Danish sports sector in order to bring the Danish sports sector more in line with ongoing changes in a sector which has traditionally been based on a strong emphasis on volunteerism.

Sport based on voluntary associations is an important cornerstone of the Danish sports sector but so is increasingly the commercial or self organized sports sector and a range of proactive and customer oriented sports facilities with a capacity to engage new target groups into sport and physical activity.

The Platform will address the need for a professional and skilled workforce in the sector.

The sports sector faces many challenges and changes and needs to deal with trends and developments such as professionalisation, demographic changes, new technologies, and growing expectations from society towards the sports sector. The sector is increasingly expected to deliver on ‘externalities’ such as health, social inclusion, urban and regional development, and economic growth.