UISP is a national association formed in 1948. It is formally recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee as Sport Promotion Association, by the Italian Ministry of Interior as social assistance body and it is inscribed in the Italian Welfare Ministry official list of Italian social promotion organizations. UISP is the association of all the individuals and collective bodies who want to be protagonists in the world of sport via direct practice, training experiences, events and projects. It supports the values of sports against every form of exploitation, alienation, against doping; it works for the wellness of all citizens, the values of human dignity, non-violence, solidarity among people and it cooperates with all the ones who share these principles.

Recognizing sport as a right of citizenship, as resource for integration, UISP engages itself to the promotion and diffusion – in sport as well as in social life through sport – of a culture of rights, environment respect and solidarity. It develops not only cultural innovation, but also methodological and organizational techniques for migrants’ integration. UISP has established agreement of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice for the realization of activities to support social control, the Ministry of Health in order to realize Health Promotion activities and, finally, the Ministry of Environment. At international level UISP is member of several federations and network promoting Sport For All.