Institute of Sport – National Research Institute – POLAND


The Institute of Sport has been established in Warsaw by Regulation of the Prime Minister in November 1977 as an independent research unit and is holding the statute of National Research Institute since November 2015.

The activities of the Institute involve:

  • carrying out researcg relating to sport;
  • ensuring that science is included in the process of preparing athletes to the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
  • carrying out diagnostic research and providing services for Polish sport associations;
  • preparing expert opinions for sport organisations and associations;
  • completing anti-doping anaylsis;
  • designing and constructing measurement tools for sports;
  • certification of goods intended for sport and recreation;
  • publishing results os scientific research;
  • carrying out trainings and courses adressed at coaches among others.

One of the main domain in which the Institute of Sport is engage is educational activity. It is delivered through various educational forms and professional trainings adressed at sports workforce. The main goal is to imrove the education level of coaches and develop the skills that enable them to translate the knowledge they gain into practice.

In addition, the Institute of Sport is  the leader of the works dedicated to Qualifications Framework in sport in Poland. It aims at implementing the systems of continuous learning for coaches based on orderly an clear qualifications. The goal is to make the system of sport qualifications clear for both people who run sport classes (coaches and instructors) and the employers.