StreetGames – UK


StreetGames UK is a UK Youth Sports charity working with the poorest and most disadvantaged communities. StreetGames, founded in 2005, is a leading UK civil society organisation using grassroots sport to empower young people with fewer opportunities to improve their lives so they can gain employment, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and contribute to civil society. StreetGames works to break down barriers and inequalities in sport and in society. StreetGames’ impacts on the lives of over 75,000 young people with fewer opportunities per year across the United Kingdom (UK).

With offices in Manchester, Cardiff, and London, and activities in over 900 locations, StreetGames is a genuinely pan-UK organisation. The annual turnover is over £9 million, and there are 60 staff on a full or part time basis. 80% of staff are focused solely on front line delivery, and 20% are finance, governance, and administrative. Independent auditors review StreetGames for governance and financial management on an annual basis on behalf of Sport England, StreetGames’ largest funder, and they have positively rated the organisation for the past three years.