Sportwerk Vlaanderen – BELGIUM


Sportwerk was founded in 1986 under the name Vlabus (the Flemish Office for Sports Guidance). It is the expertise partner for employment in the Flemish organised sports sector. It coordinates, supports, stimulates and optimises qualitative employment in the sports sector in Flanders and Brussels and fulfills a signal function towards the government.

The sports labour market in Flanders and Brussels is in its infancy/has not existed very long and needs to develop further. Sportwerk wants to play its role in this development by sharing expertise with sports organisations and sports professionals on one hand, and by weighing in on decision-making regarding labour law specific to the sector on the other hand. Through expert research, Sportwerk wants to uncover needs and help to provide answers and solutions.

Sportwerk believes in the importance of properly guidance of sports professionals for the growth of the sector. They do this by unburdening, informing, sensitising, unifying and guidance.

Sports organisations that recognize the importance of properly managing sports professionals can become a good employer with the help of Sportwerk. Organisations that are taking their first steps toward professionalisation but are not yet ready to become employers themselves can be unburdened by the services of a qualitative and comprehensive team of sports instructors and sports support staff employed by Sportwerk.

Sportwerk want to achieve better qualified sport coaching, a more professional sports support and a (better-) HR policy in the sports sector. This ensures that quality remains in the sports sector, that more people can turn their passion into their (secondary) profession, so that more people can (continue to) count on a qualitative sports offer.

Sportwerk is recognised and subsidised by the Flemish government to stimulate and support employment in the organised sports sector (with a focus on sports clubs).