Palacký University of Olomouc, Faculty of Physical Culture – CZECH REPUBLIC

Czech Republic

Palacký University Olomouc, founded in 1573, is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic (after Charles University, Prague). The Faculty of Physical Culture is its second youngest faculty (founded in 1991).

The Faculty provides Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programs related to sports, physical activity, active lifestyle, and human motion & health. The students number more than two thousand, in full-time and part-time studies and in certified and lifelong study programs.

Over a few decades of its existence, the Faculty has become the best of sport faculties in the Czech Republic thanks to outstanding results in research and its publishing, as well as in internationalisation and in evaluation of its students.

The Faculty Institute of Active Lifestyle focuses on physical activity and health viewed from various aspects and in all stages of life. Much professional respect is enjoyed thanks to success of its research teams in projects competitions. Every year grant projects on national and international level are realised.

The BALUO Application Centre is the first in Central Europe, creating the base for development and innovation of industrial production designed to promote physical activity among whole population and the base for the development of a healthy lifestyle. It is a vision and implementation of a unique model for activity and performance enhancement that will fuel sport excellence, build a healthier population and develop role models to inspire physical literacy. This paradigm focuses on the management, leadership and science of sport and wellness through an emphasis on innovation, technology and research.