National Olympic of Committee of Montenegro – MONTENEGRO


Following important events in the state of Montenegro, such as the restoration of statehood and recognition by the United Nations, the conditions were met for the Montenegrin Olympic Committee to gain the status of a National Olympic Committee, which occurred in 2007. The Montenegrin Olympic Committee (MOC) is a legally defined umbrella sports association in Montenegro, with the task of representing Montenegro in the IOC and other continental and international sports organizations. Its responsibilities include promoting and developing Olympic values and sports at the national and international levels, promoting Montenegro globally, and supporting the development of elite sports in Montenegro.


The MOC collaborates with the government and its ministries, particularly the Ministry of Sports and Youth, as well as sports organizations in the country, to ensure quality support for Montenegrin athletes, represent the country in international sports competitions, and promote Montenegro through sports and the Olympic movement on the global stage. Additionally, the MOC plays a role in promoting Olympic values and showcasing Montenegrin athletes at the international level. As the umbrella association, it also unifies and oversees the work of Montenegrin sports organizations.