BeST – “Better Sport Through Inclusion”

2022 – 2024

Funded under: Erasmus+ Sport Programme
Duration: 3 years (from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2024)
Project Coordinator: European Association of Sport Employers

Taking down the barriers to an inclusive sport workforce

The BeST project has been designed in response to EOSE’s ESSA-Sport project which highlighted the need for a more inclusive workforce in the European sport workforce, paid and volunteer. This new initiative is focusing on three key areas: gender, age and disability.

Coordinated by the European Association of Sport Employers (EASE), the partnership includes 12 organisations dedicated to inclusion and diversity. The objective of this 36-month Erasmus+ sport project is to research the realities of the current sport labour market, explore barriers to inclusion, identify good practices, and provide concrete recommendation to encourage and enable sport organisations to create a more inclusive workforce of paid staff and volunteers.

To meet these objectives, the BeST project sets out to:

  • Assess the barriers to a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector in terms of gender, age, and disability
  • Identify the existing best practices / case studies in terms of policy for a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector
  • Address the inclusiveness of the sport workforce with concrete policy recommenda- tions and priority actions in line with the economic reality of the sport sector
  • Produce relevant tools to act concretely for a more inclusive workforce for the sport sector

EOSE role as Partner:

  • Support project management and coordination
  • Share latest statistics about the sport labour market in Europe
  • Contribute to the production of recommendations
  • Active dissemination and promotion